What will our descendants make of this trans madness?

Jan 14, 2019 by

by Gary Oliver, The Conservative Woman:

REDEVELOPMENT work at Stirling University has uncovered, concealed within the building fabric, a time capsule from 1969. The mundane contents include sports equipment, pre-decimal currency, a university prospectus and exam paper, plus newspapers of the day. Oh, and a bottle of Bell’s to represent Scotland’s national drink – which for the avoidance of doubt is whisky, not Irn-Bru or Buckfast.

The new building will in due course rehouse the same time capsule, to which will be added contemporary items yet to be decided. To provide a snapshot of 2019, Stirling University could do worse than include the January 11 edition of the Daily Telegraph, with its arresting front-page headline ‘Trans row as men get access to women’s NHS wards’.

[…] The university might also tuck away the Telegraph’s follow-up report: as TCW’s Ann Farmer noted yesterday, in NHS hospitals the self-declared gender of a child, however immature, now trumps parental wishes.

It is safe to assume that the newspapers stored from 1969 contained nothing to match that idiocy, nor the Telegraph’s January 11 front page finding: ‘Hospitals routinely allow male patients to share female wards if they self-identify as women . . . As a result, a physically intact male has the right to choose to be treated on a ward for women that is simultaneously declared to be single sex.

Fifty years ago, that would have been fanciful enough. Yet the Telegraph article continues: ‘The definition of transgender within the NHS includes non-binary, gender-fluid, gender queer and non-gender – people who do not feel male or female. It means male patients who do not claim to live as women [also] have the right to choose to stay on women’s wards.’

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