What’s to be done about the West’s plummeting birth rate?

Nov 9, 2018 by

from Faith and Politics:

A BBC headline this morning confirms what is now common knowledge – that birth rates in Western and other developed nations are well below the rate of replacement, leading to ageing and declining populations, and storing up serious social and economic problems for the future.

In Britain, as in a number of other Western nations, the situation is even worse than the national figures suggest, since they include the higher birth rate amongst more recent immigrant arrivals. The idea that Europe should look to large-scale immigration to make up for its dire birth rates has been proffered by various public figures in recent years, but such a ‘solution’ can only store up ethnic and cultural tensions for the future, and at worst, risks the final erosion of traditional Western culture and values.

So what is the alternative? To answer this, first we need to ask what lies behind Europe’s declining birth rate.

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