What’s wrong with banning ‘conversion therapy’?

Jul 11, 2021 by

from Christian Concern:

Our in-depth resource takes a deep look into what a ban on so-called ‘conversion therapy’ would really mean.

In May 2021, the UK government announced plans to ban conversion therapy. The announcement stated:

“Legislation will be introduced, protecting people from the coercive and abhorrent practice of conversion therapy in the UK.

“Many forms of the practice are already prevented under current legislation, but this new ban will ensure that it is stamped out once and for all.”

The government promised that “As soon as parliamentary time allows, and following a consultation, the ban will be introduced in parliamentary legislation.”

Just what is ‘conversion therapy’ and what would be the consequences of a legal ban?

What is ‘conversion therapy’?

There is no clear definition of the term ‘conversion therapy’. No one claims to practise ‘conversion therapy’. There are no UK therapists who have ever described themselves as ‘conversion therapists’. The term was invented by LGBT activists as a pejorative description of therapy for unwanted sexual attractions.[1] No good therapist should set out to ‘convert’ a client but should work with a client to help the client achieve the client’s own objectives.

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