When a group set up to fight homophobia is at war with a lesbian champion of gay rights, it’s no longer fit for purpose

May 24, 2021 by

by Mary Harrington, Mailonline:

Successful barrister Allison Bailey is the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant single mother. An outspoken lesbian, she’s spent her life campaigning for social justice.

With so many ticks on her political correctness bingo card, you’d think she’d be a darling of the Left. But in a court case that’s shattered the progressive consensus, Bailey is suing Britain’s leading LGBT+ lobby group for trying to suppress her freedom of speech.

The heart of the issue is Stonewall’s decision six years ago to shift from exclusive focus on lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) rights to include transgender people in its remit.

Founded in 1989, the lobby group had achieved its last major LGB equality goal when gay marriage passed into UK law in 2014.

After that, Stonewall shifted its attention to the concerns of ‘trans’ people – individuals who feel their bodies don’t match their inner sense of ‘gender identity’ – adopting the slogan ‘Acceptance without exception’.

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