When Christians Side Against Their Own Faith

Feb 27, 2017 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Never mind all the atheists and Christophobes from without who are seeking to bring down the Christian church. Sadly, we have plenty of people within the church who seem to be doing a great job of this already. In the name of being “loving” and “tolerant” and “Christlike” they actually end up rejecting and undermining much of biblical Christianity.

We see this countless times on the issue of homosexuality. For example, some Christians suggest that everything damaging and harmful that homosexuals do or experience is the fault of the church, and never their own fault. We Christians are somehow to blame when a homosexual takes drugs, engages in reckless practices, self-harms or commits suicide.

whose sideThere is nothing inherent in the homosexual lifestyle that leads to any of this. Nope, it is just all those bigoted and intolerant Christians. If they would just ease up and never say anything further about homosexuality, and never speak out against it from the pulpit, things would just be peachy, and homosexuals could live happily ever after.

What they are doing is simply regurgitating the baloney of the homosexual activists, while at the same time walking further and further away from orthodox Christian teachings. These misguided Christians actually want to shame biblical Christians who dare to call out the sin of homosexuality.

But lest you think I am just making this up, let me assure you that such folks most certainly exist. Indeed, I just encountered yet another rather foolish piece on this by one of these folks. It really disturbs me to see homosexual propaganda being passed off as if it is somehow biblical truth.

Let me give you an indication of how unhelpful this article is by just changing a few words and presenting what this fellow had to say:

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