When did they forget that children are a blessing, not a right?

Nov 21, 2023 by

by Jessica Turpin, TCW:

OUTRAGE is found in all the wrong places these days. The BBC reported a story last week about a pregnant woman who was planning ahead when she rang her local nursery to arrange a place for her unborn child. Shock horror, baby will be almost two years old when mum is able to finally hand it over to the State since the nursery is fully booked until September 2025.

The scoop is this: the plan to expand government-funded childcare will create a rise in demand that cannot be met. As the founder of the endearingly-named organisation Pregnant Then Screwed points out, what originally looked like a positive development for parents will result in ‘incredibly long waiting lists and even more uncertainty’. She forgot to mention the babies but never mind.

BBC journalists use all the right buzzwords. Extra childcare will be better for the economy (because nobody has paid any attention to the fact that the tax part-time working mothers pay will not even begin to cover the cost of other people looking after their children – though Patricia Morgan set out this negative equation more than 30 years ago, and it still stands). But never mind because extra childcare is better for gender equality (because mothers really can have it all and there is never any tension between pursuing a career and raising a family). What’s more, childcare is already insufficient in deprived and rural areas (because mothers in deprived and rural areas are even more incompetent than other mums at looking after their own children and need to be able to outsource quick).

I wonder what has blinded us to the obvious fact that our government really does not care about our children at all? You might ask, to begin with, what the extraordinarily high number of abortions, paid for by taxpayers’ money and encouraged by state agencies, tells us about the government’s attitudes? In 2022 there were 605,479 live births in England and Wales but in the first six months alone there were 123,129 abortions. Should this not be of deep concern to any government with a moral compass? What does this say about a government that’s happy with a tax system so hostile to married families and responsible child rearing that, for so many, the only financial and practical choice is to go down the abortion route?

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