When Society Falls Apart, Socialist Tyranny Can Happen Anywhere

Sep 10, 2018 by

by John Horvat II, Return to Order:

The liberal order has long dominated the modern world. It is based on the pillars of the rule of law, individual freedoms, representative government and free markets. Liberalism is the political philosophy that serves as a framework in which progressives and conservatives debate the future of the nation. However strong this order might seem, many are now claiming the demise of liberalism is at hand.

A battle rages around liberalism’s future. Conservatives blame progressives for this disaster with the tyranny of their stifling political correctness and their obsessive demands for big government.

Progressives blame conservatives claiming they represent big financial interests and promote rigid notions of identity and freedom. They do not hesitate to frame the debate in class struggle terms of powerful conservative parties who impose their vision of society on the people especially at the expense of supposedly disenfranchised minorities.

The New York Times’ columnist Paul Krugman, for example, recently complained that conservatives are suppressing the liberal order in favor of a new and sinister “illiberal” order that ignores the rule of law and basic freedoms. “It [nationalist tyranny] can happen here,” he ominously warned.

What progressives like Krugman fail to mention is that they have played an important role in suppressing the liberal order. Their big government policies and support of the sexual revolution have reduced society to shreds. When society falls apart, it [socialist tyranny] can happen anywhere.

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