When will churches fight for their God-given right to meet?

May 3, 2020 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman:

WHAT might British churches do if the Covid-19 lockdown banning them from meeting physically together continues into June? Would some of them start meeting again in their buildings?

Unlike some churches in the United States, British churches are co-operating fully with the lockdown regime. The leadership of the Church of England has even exceeded the rules, demanding that clergy do not enter their church buildings to conduct live-streamed services or even for private prayer.

The Roman Catholic Church in Britain has not gone that far. It has closed its buildings but it allows its clergy to live-stream services from their churches. 

In which British churches might a conscience-driven protest movement start? The older Protestant denominations such as the Church of England, the Methodists and the United Reformed Church do not seem minded to question the lockdown regime or to call on the government to come up with an exit strategy. The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church is at least talking to the government about when it might be allowed to reopen church buildings, but has said it will not do so until the restrictions are lifted.

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