Where Are the Prophets to Our Church and Culture?

Nov 12, 2019 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Amazing and much-needed prophetic words from the late, great Francis Schaeffer:

The good news is this: when the times get the darkest, God will raise up prophets to confront the situation, speak to his people, and declare much-needed truth. But the bad news is this: these prophets are invariably rejected. When they are the most needed, they are often the least heeded.

Simply read the Old Testament to see this happening time and time again. The same when Christ came to planet earth. And the same throughout church history. God sends his prophets, but they are spurned, ridiculed and rejected. Here I want to speak about one recent prophetic voice that we should have paid much more close attention to.

Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984) was without question a prophet for our times. The American pastor and apologist did have a huge impact during his lifetime, but his words are needed now more than ever. He spoke and warned about things that most Christians seemed oblivious to.

He could see the worrying trends ahead of time, and he sought to sound the alarm. Much of what he said has now come to pass, and if things are now not too late, we need to revisit his words and take them to heart today. Moments ago a friend posted on the social media something I had quoted from Schaeffer some seven years ago.

I just pulled that book from my shelves and was struck again by what an utterly prophetic word this was to God’s people. I refer to The Great Evangelical Disaster (Crossway Books, 1984). What an incredibly important, relevant and timely book – especially given that it was penned 35 years ago.

Schaeffer was speaking about crucial issues that few evangelicals were talking about back then – things like the war on truth, abortion, feminism, homosexuality, and other key issues. This volume is so important that the best thing I can do here is simply quote from it. Early on he says this:

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