Where next for The Muslim Vote?

Jul 10, 2024 by

from Christian Concern:

Head of Public Policy Tim Dieppe analyses the Islamic influence on the Election.

This election saw a new phenomenon in UK politics: a coordinated campaign to get Muslims voting en bloc exclusively on Islamic issues.

A group called The Muslim Vote ran a campaign to support candidates adopting Islamic values. Five independent candidates sponsored by The Muslim Vote were elected. The group is claiming that 45 other party-aligned candidates endorsed by The Muslim Vote were elected. That makes at least 50 MPs who are claimed to be Pro-Palestine in the new parliament.

As well as this, The Muslim Vote endorsed candidate in Leicester East split the vote so that the Conservative candidate won what had previously been a Labour seat.

Wes Streeting, now the new Health Secretary, narrowly held onto his seat by just 528 votes with the independent candidate supported by The Muslim Vote coming second. In Birmingham Ladywood, Shabana Mahmood, now Secretary of State for Justice, said that “masked men” had disrupted a community meeting, “terrifying those present.”

Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardly, narrowly held her seat with a majority of just 693, with competition from a Workers Party candidate, also backed by The Muslim Vote. Phillips said: “It was an absolutely horrible campaign.” Some campaign activists had their car tyres slashed. A woman had “genocide” screamed in her face while being filmed. Phillips was booed on stage as she tried to give her acceptance speech.

Labour lose votes in Muslim areas

Analysis by The Telegraph has shown that the Labour vote dropped sharply in areas with high Muslim population.

In constituencies where Muslims make up under 10% of the population, the vote share moved towards Labour. But where 10% or more of the population identifies as Muslim, votes moved away from Labour. In constituencies with higher proportions of Muslims, the swing away from Labour was stronger.

Previously, Labour was able to rely on Muslim voters in these areas. That has changed with this election.

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