Who blinks first? Rowan Williams challenges Peter Akinola

Aug 4, 2021 by

by David Virtue, Virtueonline:

Former Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams grossly underestimated former Nigerian Primate Peter Akinola.

Williams thought Akinola was a fundamentalist African Anglican rube (as did John Shelby Spong). Williams considers himself the learned intellectual, Affirming Catholic. He thought he was smarter and better educated and would win the culture war over sexuality in the Anglican Communion. Williams believed the Nigerian Archbishop would blink first over homosexual practice that is racing like an out-of-control virus throughout the Anglican Communion.

In a book, Peter Akinola: Who Blinks First?: Biblical Fidelity Against the Gay Agenda in the Global Anglican Communion the Nigerian primate outlines their history together as Anglican leaders and the pressure each archbishop faced to compromise the Bible’s clear stance over homosexuality.

Williams said Akinola would blink first, but he was wrong. AIDS dead wrong. The Nigerian leader had been inoculated by the proscriptions of Scripture on homosexuality, while Williams was prepared to fudge Scripture for a postmodern view of sexuality that a secular West was inhaling and to hell with what “uninformed” African Anglicans thought.

History, however, has borne out the truth that Akinola was right and the birth of the ACNA and later GAFCON, with 80 percent of church-going Anglicans standing firm on the ‘faith once delivered’ and traditional morality. Williams lost the bet. So will Justin Welby, his failing successor.

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