Who let the thought police invade our universities?

Jun 29, 2018 by

by Julie Bindel, UnHerd:

Feminism used to thrive in universities in the UK. In the good old days when even working class women such as myself could afford higher education, doing a degree was one way that women became involved in activism.

How different things are today. The propaganda being peddled within universities is the very antithesis of actual feminism, and anyone who does not adhere to the party line will be severely punished.

Whereas the true definition of feminism is the liberation of all women from the shackles of their sex, it is now being rebranded and repackaged by academics and students alike. It used to be widely accepted that lap dancing, stripping, and prostitution demeaned women, and students would protest against pornography and the sex trade in general. Today however, all forms of commercial sexual exploitation is hailed within academic circles as ’empowering’, with sex trade apologists claiming that feminists like me deny women ‘the right’ to do what they wish with their bodies.

The propaganda machine in universities is currently at full pelt, offering students an Orwellian version of feminism, and academic staff are part of the problem

I am regularly contacted by young women who tell me that they are under pressure, mainly from ‘woke blokes’ and their handmaidens in student societies to say that they love ‘sex work’ and ‘stripping’, as well as transgender ideology, the two issues of the moment that appear to obsess Millennials. These young feminists are being driven mad with isolation. “We are accused of being anti-sex and ‘bigoted’ if you do not pander to the current propaganda,” one first year student tells me.

Last week, students from Sheffield University held a protest outside lap dance club Stringfellows, in protest of the campaign to revoke its licence. The students, one of whom held up a sign with the slogan, “Lesbians for the License”, were supporting the licensing of lap dance clubs, and had slurred the feminists trying to shut Stringfellows down as ‘SWERFS’ (Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists). The protest group included a number of male students, all adorned with beards, looking like 18th-century carpenters.

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