Who will defend women’s rights from the Trans lobby?

Feb 20, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Article:

On Sunday, to mark LGBT history month, Sadiq Khan, tweeted from his Mayor of London Twitter account: “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people are non-binary. All gender identities are valid.”

There were a small number of humourous responses: what, in LGBT history month, had happened to the L, the G, and the B? Perhaps the rights of these groups are secure and can be banked? Going forward, will February be Trans history month?

February is the month when the trans debate has reached its logical conclusion. Sadiq Khan produced the above declaration, which brooks no compromise. Lisa Nandy spelled out its consequences. At a Labour leadership hustings, Nandy faced a question which explored the logical conclusions of “gender self-identification”. She was asked whether the child rapist, Christopher Worton, who raped a teenage girl five times, but has since self-identified as a woman, should not only have his crimes recorded as committed by a woman, but also be housed in a women’s prison. Nandy’s response was yes.

So there you have it. At least we know where we are. The logical conclusion of gender self-identification is that biological males will be able to self declare into the protected spaces of women and girls: prisons, refuges, hospital wards, changing rooms, and public toilets. The boundaries that are probably as ancient as we are human, will be pulled down. None of us claim that all men will take advantage. There will be some gender dysphoric males for whom this will represent liberation. There will be others who will take advantage. We know how that ends.

In the pages of Mumsnet, Facebook, and Twitter, women have come together to voice their bleak despair, their anger and their desire to fight back. But who will be our voice among the powerful and the political? And why is it almost always women who have stepped up most eagerly to seemingly abandon women’s rights and protections?

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