Why are they so afraid of the truth?

Sep 26, 2020 by

by Lynda Rose, Prophecy Today:

Twitter suspends the accounts of several Christian organisations.

In this country, we prize tolerance, diversity and inclusivity, upholding the right of everyone to express their honestly held convictions and beliefs … That’s what we like to believe, but is it true? In the Britain of 60 or so years ago, yes, we were rightly known as a tolerant, easy going people – trustworthy and reliant. We didn’t always agree with what others said, but we respected without condition their right to say it – provided only that it didn’t incite violence or otherwise break the peace. But Britain today is a very different place. Now, if you voice opinions that ‘give offence’, no matter how innocuous or even well-intentioned, if someone complains, you are likely to receive a visit from the police, be sacked from your job, and even charged with a dreaded ‘hate crime’.

A new ‘morality’

So street preachers have been arrested for reading from the Bible, and a teaching assistant has been sacked for asking friends on social media to sign a VfJUK petition calling for the right of parents to be upheld to have children educated in line with their religious beliefs1.

The truth is, society is under attack from an ideology that despises Christianity and denies science.

The shocking truth is that, under the rules of Britain’s rebranded morality – the new state-enforced Weltanschauung – you can no longer say that Christianity forbids all sex outside marriage and that your faith prohibits same sex marriage; you can no longer say that there are two sexes, and that ‘gender’ is a scientifically proven biological fact; and you can definitely no longer say that promiscuity results in disease and social dysfunction and that, for their own good, children need to be taught the value and benefit of a committed relationship between one man and one woman for life.

Society is under attack

Because now, apparently, we have all not just to tolerate, but actively celebrate ‘diversity’. We have to agree that same sex relationships and behaviours are exactly the same as ‘heteronormative’ ones – and that indeed all of us are actually non-binary and heteronormativity itself is a damaging social construct from which we need liberation. And yes, the term heteronormativity is a ‘social construct’, but not in the way they mean.

The truth is, society is under attack from an ideology that despises Christianity and denies science and, as it gains ascendancy, is seeking to stifle and wipe out different opinions. What we are seeing is the same paranoid spirit of totalitarianism that was evident in Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and Maoist China, and that led to the extermination of millions who dared disagree. And what these crazed and psychopathic ideologues always identify as the greatest enemy is … truth.

Twitter curtails free speech

Last week, completely without warning, Twitter suddenly suspended the accounts of four organisations that have been working to protect children, and combatting the damaging normalisation and promotion of LGBT+ values and behaviours, mandated under the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Regulations that came into force on 1st September this year.

Voice for Justice UK, ParentPower, 40 Days UK, and RSE Authentic all uphold traditional moral values and the family, standing on the right of parents, as enshrined in international and UK law2 to have children educated in line with their religious beliefs. On medical evidence, they also argue that children should not be prematurely exposed to sexualising materials that they lack the emotional and intellectual maturity to process for themselves, and which, if followed, cause demonstrable harm. For example, the implied endorsement of teenage promiscuity in sex education has undoubtedly contributed to, if not encouraged, the epidemic-level rates of STIs reported amongst teenagers and young people in the UK – many of which infections, contrary to the message being given in schools, remain untreatable. Similarly, teaching children from age 3 that they can choose their gender, which may be different from their birth sex, has also clearly contributed to the 4,500% increase in referrals for gender dysphoria amongst children, a massive 70% of which are for girls – something almost unheard of only a decade ago3.

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