Why are we so paralysed into NOT talking about Islamist terrorism?

Oct 22, 2021 by

by Douglas Murray, Sun on Sunday:

T has not even been a week since the brutal slaughter of Sir David Amess. The frenzied stabbing to death of another of our MPs should have shocked our whole political system.

And yet in the days since his murder something very strange has happened.

To listen to the speeches from Amess’s colleagues in Parliament this week you’d have thought he died of natural causes. Sad as they were, MPs distracted themselves with talk about “online harm”.

Questioned on the BBC at the weekend, Home Secretary Priti Patel ended up talking about online anonymity.

None of which appears to have had anything to do with Sir David’s murder.

The suspect is a 25-year-old Muslim of Somali origin.

Slashed woman’s throat

Ali Harbi Ali apparently has a history of Islamic extremism, having even been referred to the Government’s Prevent counter-extremism programme seven years ago.

The suspect is in custody and the police have yet to outline their case. But more general issues about terrorism still remain. So why are no MPs or other leaders in our national life talking about this? Why are they waffling on about online abuse of MPs when one of their colleagues has been murdered?

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