Why Christians must defeat the global attack on ‘conversion therapy’ for homosexuality

Dec 12, 2018 by

from Christian Concern:

Dr Carys Moseley looks at the campaign against so-called ‘conversion therapy’ and the possible effects of banning help for people with unwanted same-sex attraction.

The LGBT movement worldwide – as well as inside the UK government – has made banning so-called ‘conversion therapy’ for homosexuality its number one goal. It is a top priority for Victor Madrigal-Borlaz, the UN LGBT czar, who told the ILGA Europe annual conference in Brussels on 27 October that he is determined to collect evidence worldwide to prove that ‘conversion therapy’ can be categorised as ‘torture’.

Taking therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction can include two goals, depending on what the client wants: some people want to diminish their same-sex attraction and remain celibate; others also wish to see a development in their natural potential for opposite-sex attraction. As this work is likely more common among Christians, the campaign to ban such therapy has anti-Christian and anti-social implications that reach well beyond this kind of pastoral care.

‘Conversion therapy’ is a dishonest term

The term ‘conversion therapy’ was invented by gay activists in order to disparage all types of therapy whose outcome involved diminution of same-sex attraction and behaviour. The term ‘conversion therapy’ is not used by anybody who works with clients with unwanted same-sex attraction, though the term ‘conversion’ from homosexual to heterosexual orientation was casually used by some witnesses who appeared before the Wolfenden Committee for Homosexual Offences and Prostitution in the UK in 1956-1957.

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