Why Conservative backbench MPs should demand that Boris Johnson cancel the “Safe To Be Me” international LGBT conference

Feb 9, 2022 by

by Gary Powell, Lesbian and Gay News:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is up against the ropes. “Partygate” has been the last straw for many Conservative MPs, and the PM has realised it is time for him to take measures in the hope of avoiding a confidence vote as the 1922 Committee letters mount up towards the critical trigger of 54 submissions.

The PM seems to have realised – though let’s watch this space – that, if he is to have any chance of winning back the confidence of the Parliamentary Party, the Party membership, and the Conservative-voting electorate, then the dysfunctional and chaotic behaviour has to stop, and the woke agenda must be replaced with a more traditionally conservative one.

This would be the best time imaginable for the PM to cancel the “Safe To Be Me” (STBM) international LGBT conference scheduled to begin at the end of June this year. 

This event, organised in collaboration with the UK’s notorious gender lobby outfit, Stonewall UK, and overseen by the PM’s Special Envoy on LGBT Rights, Lord Herbert, is precisely the kind of unhelpful spectacle that is alienating not only Conservative MPs who oppose the woke agenda, but also swathes of the voting public who are sick and tired of the increasingly totalitarian influence of gender ideology and identity politics in British society.

No self-respecting gay or lesbian person who has any idea of what is going on with gender ideology colonisation can any longer support Stonewall UK or any conference where they and the UK Government promote gender identity politics.

The key supporters of Stonewall UK in the PM’s entourage were, reportedly, his wife, Carrie Johnson, and her good friend, Henry Newman.

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