Why does British aid flow so readily to nations which persecute Christians?

Sep 22, 2023 by

by Georgia L Gilholy, Conservative Home:

Last month the Christian community that has inhabited Pakistan’s Jaranwala district for centuries faced an allegedly orchestrated attempt to wipe out their presence.

The assault was led by a mob of Islamist extremists, accusing Christians of blasphemy against Pakistan’s majority faith, descended upon this region near Faisalabad in the Punjab Province, prompting the hasty exodus of thousands of Christian civilians.

Disturbing footage showed pews being tossed out of church windows, beds ablaze in the streets, and vehicles set on fire. The assailants displayed an alarming knowledge of the religious demographics of the area, systematically targeting Christian homes in both urban and rural settings.

According to Archbishop Joseph Arshad, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan, 21 places of worship were targeted, with many set ablaze. Numerous Christian homes now lie in ruins, stripped of their belongings down to the last lightbulb. Concerns have been raised about the local police response during the attacks, with some suspecting institutional complicity or wilful blindness.

Prompted by a reliable tip-off, a hasty evacuation luckily allowed significant casualties to be averted. This precarious community, who were forced to anxiously shelter in fields of sugar cane during the height of the violence, now grapples with the aftermath. Their friends are few and far between.

Maybe at one point, these poor souls could have counted the United Kingdom as a champion of their cause, but this is obviously no longer the case. James Cleverly has made no public reference to this horrific episode, which hit newsstands across the world and went viral on social media for weeks.

The only public acknowledgement of these horrors by the Government was a tweet from Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the Foreign Office minister, back in August:

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