Why does Educate and Celebrate want to ‘smash heteronormativity’?

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from Christian Concern:

Carys Moseley comments on the ideologies of the organisation Educate and Celebrate, which gave LGBT training at the school where Rev. Dr Bernard Randall was formerly school chaplain.

Why are teachers in a secondary school in Derbyshire all shouting ‘smash heteronormativity’ together? Where did this crazy idea come from? There is a history behind this that goes back a few years. The organisation responsible, Educate and Celebrate, is a charity dedicated to normalising LGBT ideology in schools. It has done this gradually in steps. There is evidence showing that Educate and Celebrate has focused particularly on schools in Prevent Priority Areas, so designated by the Home Office as having problems with Islamist extremism. Hackney Council Prevent Team include Educate and Celebrate in their resources on individual liberty as a British Value. This means that the whole question of what are ‘British Values’ is reopened by this controversy.

‘Smash heteronormativity’

Many people by now have seen a video of Elly Barnes, CEO of Educate and Celebrate, which has been on YouTube since 2017. There at 1.00 she says that “really the bottom line is just to completely smash heteronormativity.” What this means is that Educate and Celebrate teaches children and their teachers that being heterosexual should no longer been considered the norm. Personal choice and self-identification in matters of sexuality and gender identity reigns.

The justification Elly Barnes gives for this is that then “our kids can grow up and be who they are.” She says this is important because “we are all more productive and we are all so much happier when we can be ourselves.” What this means is that her workshops are aimed at crafting children to be adults compliant to LGBT ideology in the workplace.

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