Why govt policies promoting the family are the best cure for social ills: scholar

Mar 7, 2020 by

by Stephen Koxs, LifeSite:

Libertarians are wrong to believe the government can and should be a neutral arbiter on social issues. The state must take an active role in promoting and protecting the family.

That’s the advice of renowned scholar and author Mary Eberstadt. Eberstadt made the remarks on this week’s Jonathan Van Maren Show while talking about secularization and the loss of faith in the West.

“If you want to talk about free markets, what you have to consider is the role that the sexual revolution has played in the expansion of the welfare state…no sexual revolution, no burgeoning welfare state. The welfare state bankrolls the fractured family.”

[…]  On this week’s podcast, Eberstadt told Van Maren that the pro-family policies being pursued by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are worthy of emulation.

“After 60 plus years, after the sexual revolution and all of the destruction of the family, it’s time to try things like this and to watch these experiments closely.” Hungary has encouraged childbirth among its citizens and “the abortion rate dropped by a third,” Eberstadt stated. “That is something every pro-lifer in the world needs to know…that is a clear example of how family building policies can actually be found.”

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