Why I left my gay life to follow Jesus

May 20, 2019 by

From the Christian Institute.

A woman who walked away from her lesbian relationship to pursue Jesus has told The Christian Institute how God turned her life around.

After hearing a song she knew from her churchgoing childhood on the radio, Sarah Sedgwick explored the possibility of living as a ‘gay Christian’.

But she realised, through the ministry of her Methodist church, that the Bible is clear why homosexual practice is wrong. She ended the relationship with her lesbian partner and committed her whole life to God.

…Sarah explained that she wants to inspire others to read and understand what the Bible actually says about God’s good design for men and women.

…Asked why she would want to speak out on the controversial topic, she said it was to help others avoid being misled on such an important issue.

And she added that people prayed for her for decades and so she wants to encourage parents to continue praying for their child because “God can redeem and save them”.

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