Why I went on national TV to talk about Jesus

Apr 6, 2019 by

by Assumpta Venkatachalam, Sydney Anglicans.

Given the world of reality TV, participating in this is either foolishness or crazy brave…Assumpta Venkatachalam from Village Church, Annandale was chosen to represent an ordinary Christian from a Sydney Anglican parish. She shares here experience with us…

“…My family is from South India and I was born into the Brahmin caste of Hinduism, the highest caste – and incidentally, one you can only be born into. The Brahmins are the priestly caste, and only Brahmins can approach the inner room of the temple to make offerings to the gods.

It’s hard to throw the usual accusations at me because of my gender, ethnicity, marital status or childhood religion. Anyone refuting my statements can’t accuse me of being a straight, white male who grew up in the church.

It took me many years to take the plunge and call myself a follower of Jesus. The cost was high, but how could I deny the truth that Jesus was Lord, and that I needed to submit my life to him? My family was incredibly unhappy with my decision and they continue to be. But they love me deeply. There’s an invisible barrier separating me from them. There have been many tears and words of anger as they struggle to comprehend why I won’t bow down to the Hindu gods.

How did I go from “I’d rather be eaten alive by piranhas” to “Yes, I’ll do this”? I’ll be completely frank and honest with you; I felt that if Jesus’ command to his disciples to proclaim him to the nations was true, then I had no option but to go on the show. I knew that there was no benefit to me personally. My family wouldn’t admire my decision or look up to me. It was likely that no matter how well-spoken or kind I was, I’d probably be edited to look like a bigot. But I felt that I needed to give it a shot, if only because of my love for Jesus.”

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