Why I’m not playing the BLM game

Aug 5, 2020 by

by David Kurten, Heart Publications:

The BLM movement is not about improving the lives of black people. It is about attacking the Christian foundations of western freedom, says London Assembly member David Kurten The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer has sent nations into convulsions this summer.

Though Floyd was a criminal and was arrested on suspicion of committing a crime while on drugs, the killing on 25 May was horrific and wrong. The police officer and the other three who stood by and did nothing have been arrested. This is right and they should be given a fair trial, because, contrary to the narrative, the incident may not have been racially motivated after all.

Polarising society

In fact, Floyd’s killing, although terrible, has been seized upon in order to unleash a different terror – that of Cultural Marxism.*

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it, polarise it”

His dying moments have been ‘frozen’ in our memories by repeated replaying, amplifying it as an example of racial hatred. This is entirely in line with the aims of Saul Alinsky, the father of modern Marxist praxis, who wrote in his book, ‘Rules for Radicals’: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it, polarise it.”

Thus George Floyd has been used to polarise society in order to bring about revolutionary change, packaged as ‘social justice’.

Worldwide protests

Seemingly spontaneous ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) protests erupted all over the USA. These did not just protest Floyd’s killing, but sought to create a narrative that western nations are guilty of systemic racism. Protests spread quickly to the UK, Germany, Australia and many other western nations which had nothing to do with the events in Minneapolis.

In comparison, a similar killing of a white man named Timothy Coffman in Florida in 2018 received very little media attention, and certainly no worldwide protests, because it did not suit the narrative. The death of a white man at the hands of police didn’t fit the theory that the pillars of western civilisation are racist and need to be torn down, so that the intellectuals in the ‘vanguard of change’ can usher in a new era of Utopian social justice.

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