Why is the Church of England so obsessed with racism?

Jun 1, 2022 by

by Damian Thompson, Spectator:

My guest on Holy Smoke this week is, many people believe, a victim of the intolerant progressive ideology currently gripping the Church of England. He’s Calvin Robinson, a name possibly familiar to you from the row over the Diocese of London’s decision not to ordain him.

Calvin is a young TV presenter with conservative Christian views that conflict with the liberal opinions of the hierarchy. He’s been told they are too divisive – which is a bit rich coming from an organisation whose senior bishops routinely express opinions far to the left of those of the average churchgoer. Particular offence was caused by his insistence that the C of E isn’t ‘institutionally racist’. The fact that he’s mixed race and London’s bishops are white made no difference: he had expressed a heretical opinion. So much for ‘diversity’. Do listen to what he has to say.

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Watch: Cancelled by Woke Church of England – Calvin Robinson talks to Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster, Triggernometry

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