Why MPs are rushing to impose abortion on Northern Ireland

Jul 19, 2019 by

by Simon Caldwell, Catholic Herald:

It would be an understatement to say that this Parliament is among the least impressive in British history. It will be remembered most notably for its debacle over Brexit, in which it gravely damaged its own reputation and that of the country by failing even to agree on a series of indicative votes. The major parties were so out of touch with public opinion that they were subsequently hammered during the European elections. Yet they still seem clueless about where they went, and are still going, wrong.

At the heart of the problem are ugly ideologies with which both the Conservative and Labour parties are riven. There are some ideologies particular to each: anti-Semitism within the Labour movement being a prime example. Yet there are others in which sadly they are united, none more so than the anti-marriage and anti-life dogma which so many MPs find mesmerising.

A clear demonstration of this came last week when Labour MP Stella Creasy (pictured), one of the most determined pro-abortion activists in the Commons, jumped on the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill with an amendment to decriminalise abortion within the Province.

Conor McGinn, another Labour MP, also proposed that if rule from Stormont, where power-sharing has been suspended for the past 18 months, is not restored by October 21, then Parliament will also introduce same-sex marriage, with the proviso that a future assembly could overturn or amend the law.

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