Why NO ONE is safe from the woke warriors trying to stamp out free speech

Feb 13, 2021 by

by Sue Reid, Mailonline:

The police phone call to Margaret Nelson came one Monday morning around breakfast time. It was as unexpected as it was unwelcome.

An officer from Suffolk police was investigating an anonymous tip that the pensioner had committed a hate crime by posting on Twitter her personal view that you die the same sex as you are born.

The force later dropped their inquiries — apologising and saying they ‘got it wrong’.

Yet controversy surrounding this 76-year-old former teacher did not end with that police call two years ago.

She is at the centre of a fresh Twitter brouhaha because British soft drinks giant Innocent took umbrage over her tweets too.

The new complaint against Margaret originated from an anonymous person — just as the original one did: a Twitter user called only Andrew?, and using the tagline @leftist_rage. Andrew? had asked Innocent why it followed her account — she is something of a Twitter star with more than 9,000 followers — when it was run by a ‘clear transphobe’.

Innocent, a company majority-owned by Coca-Cola, thanked Andrew? ‘for the heads up’, then made a public statement apologising. A formal announcement from the company under a headline ‘We stand against discrimination’ declared that Margaret’s comments on trans people were out of line with ‘our values on inclusivity and respect’.

Innocent said there was a duty ‘on all of us’ to make sure ‘everyone can live happy, free lives in a world where that is a reality’. And who wouldn’t dream of this utopia?

Andrew? — who has just 45 followers — later boasted on Twitter of persuading Innocent to castigate Margaret publicly: ‘Hehe! I did that’ said this shadowy character with obvious glee. This week he was back online wondering why Margaret wasn’t banned from Twitter.

Yet others were less impressed with Innocent’s dramatic response. Debbie Hayton, herself a trans woman, was incensed, writing in the Spectator magazine: ‘This, it seems is how the internet works. A false accusation of transphobia is made. And a person, an ordinary pensioner in this case, is condemned.

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