Why the Canadian Left is burning down churches

Jul 21, 2021 by

by Meghan Murphy, UnHerd:

While progressives tweeted, churches serving indigenous communities burned.

It’s strange that Canada, one of the most privileged countries in the world, is home to people who repeatedly insist that it is the worst. This month, in a classic move, activists commemorated Canada Day by trying to cancel it. The trigger was the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves on sites that had been church-run schools for indigenous children. There was no mention of the fact that celebration and consideration are not mutually exclusive.

“We’re collectively mourning right now and in grief, and a lot of old wounds have been dug up and reopened because of this,” said David Pratt, of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. In response, the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria, cancelled its celebrations, encouraging people to consider “what it means to be Canadian in light of recent events”.

A co-chair of the Canada Day committee in Fredericton said, “a quiet day of reflection may be the best way for our community to spend the holiday.” And cancelled their celebration. Sol Mamakwa, a Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario, called on people to “reflect on the dark roots of Canada”. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, whose father was PM during the time the residential schools operated suggested the country think of “those for whom it’s not yet a day of celebration.”

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