Why the Conservative Party is doomed

Nov 23, 2021 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, TCW:

IT IS becoming increasingly clear, even to many hitherto loyal Conservative Party supporters and voters, that conservatism today means little more than dismantling Western civilisation more gradually than the progressive Left demands.

There are two models of conservatism today. There is that represented by the party machine: it espouses a moral liberalism which challenges the forces of progressivism to catch up with them. As David Cameron said: ‘I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I’m a Conservative.’ He considered this move as being one of his memorable moments in politics: ‘I have absolutely no regrets, and it is one of the things of which I’m proudest.’

He was able to make this profoundly false statement only because he, like many in power within his party, have a malleable definition of what conservative means. They believe that you can take the necessary institutions of society and adjust them a little. The big problem is that once started on this path there is no end. If you’re going to unravel sexual morality, someone’s going to take that unravelling further than you want. At the last Conservative Party conference Carrie Johnson, the Prime Minister’s latest wife and chief influencer, spoke at a Stonewall-organised fringe event expressing her staunch support for transgender rights, which means the right of men to call themselves women and forcing the rest of us to accept it.

The modern Conservative Party’s conservatism is nothing less than a disguise or a ruse to transition the party to representing the new progressive free-for-all utopia, where stability is disdained and personal inclination is the touchstone of morality, while reassuring its ‘base’ that this is a moral as well as electoral necessity if they are to be perceived as open-minded and inclusive.

It is a truism but it needs to be said: conservatism is based on the desire to conserve. True conservatives wish to conserve that which has shaped our country for the better, the truths, traditions and principles upon which the lasting security and happiness of our people is based. True conservatism is founded on a metaphysical vision that includes the core principle that the inherent nature of men and women are not plastic realities to be reshaped on the whim of human beings.

Those civilisations which are successful retain and promote certain necessary truths and the institutions which uphold them. No civilisation which seeks to reject, undermine, subvert or attempt to manipulate these institutions can survive. The binary nature of sex and heterosexual marriage are two of those institutions, both of which the Tories are rejecting.

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