Why Theresa May the parson’s daughter is so keen to kill off marriage

Oct 8, 2018 by

By Peter Hitchens, MailOnline.

When will people grasp the difference between what the Tory Party says it is, and what it actually is? It is not as if it tries hard to hide it. Here is a clue. It is not conservative at all.

It is a machine for obtaining power. It would cheerfully guillotine the Queen in Trafalgar Square if it thought that by doing so it could keep or gain office.

That is why it has spent the past 20 years becoming more Blairite than New Labour.

It helps to pay attention. Last week’s single most far-reaching act by the May Government was to strike the final death-blow at the institution of marriage.

You would have thought a self-styled ‘Conservative’ Party would like marriage. It is all about private life, the keeping of promises, and saving what we can of the Christian religion in a society that prefers to worship at shopping malls and football stadiums.

But Theresa May, who can seldom stop herself mentioning that she is a parson’s daughter, chose her party’s conference to declare that she now backs civil partnerships for heterosexuals…

…Civil partnerships are state licences for co-habitation. They are deliberately stripped of any remaining religious content. That is why radicals have been campaigning for them for so long. There is no room in them for the ‘sexist’ distinction between husband and wife. And they will be easier to get out of than a car-leasing agreement.

But they will give those who enter them the same legal rights, in terms of pensions, inheritance and next-of-kin privileges, as those who make the much deeper commitment of lifelong marriage, still just about available at a church near you.

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