Why Trump is the Good Samaritan, by Lord Carey

Mar 31, 2017 by

by Tammy Hughes, Mailonline:

The former Archbishop of Canterbury has described Donald Trump as a ‘Good Samaritan’ for the American people.

Lord Carey said the US President had offered the country ‘a voice’ and said he had ‘deep sympathies’ with the forces that propelled him to victory last year.

His comments put him at odds with the current Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who said Mr Trump was part of a ‘fascist tradition of politics’.

At the Oxford Literary Festival Lord Carey said: ‘Many will recoil at the identification of Donald Trump as the Good Samaritan but why not?

‘Is it not true that we have wounded and left-behind communities passed by by the elite who are too distracted and busy with their own agendas, too busy to look over to see someone in distress?

‘And intervention that makes a difference is from a totally unexpected source, the Samaritan, the Outsider.’

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Carey the patriot: Welby the fascist sympathiser by Peter Mullen, All Things Considered

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