Why we MUST fight the Leftist thought police banning free speech from our universities

Jan 9, 2018 by

By Benjamin Harris-Quinney, Daily Express:

Unlike the American university circuit this doesn’t come with huge speaking fees and five-star hotels, but at best a watery student union lager and the train fare home.As Conservatives we tend to do this, for the privilege of abuse and ridicule from a baying mass of 19-year-old Marxist/remainiacs who consider Tony Blair to be “far right”.

I asked one of my fellow travellers, Peter Hitchens, why he bothered to do it after so many years. He said: “Because if I didn’t these students would have an education consisting entirely of leftist propaganda and lies”.

There speaks a man who in his university days was a Trotskyite, but was saved by broadening his mind beyond the naivete of his fellow students.
It is apparently a privilege for we Conservatives to be on campus, because it is becoming increasingly frequent for Conservative speakers, or anyone who isn’t of the hard left, to be banned or unceremoniously “no platformed” (the Student Union practice of withdrawing a speaking invitation).I run Britain’s oldest Conservative think-tank, and it does what it says, promotes Conservatism.

Very little of that has changed in its 65-year history, and Conservatism is, was, and will likely always be an important part of the political and cultural make up of Britain.

Whether you agree with Conservative thinking or not, it must form an important part of any education into politics, economics, philosophy and more.

In November last year, our Senior Patron Sir Roger Scruton was “no platformed” at Bristol University, over an article he wrote in the 1980s warning against Same Sex Marriage.

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