Why we must repeal same-sex marriage – and Northern Ireland must stop it

Jul 10, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Faith and Politics:

As MPs in Westminster revert to their colonial ways and trample on the devolved powers of Northern Ireland by voting to introduce gay marriage and abortion into the province against the wishes of their lawmakers and population (a move now only preventable by the Assembly at Stormont reforming before October and cancelling it), it is a good time to remind ourselves why the fight against gay marriage is so crucial. What follows is a talk I gave at a Coalition for Marriage event in London last week. The event was called One Man-One Woman – The Truth About Marriage and the talk was entitled ‘The importance of defending marriage between a man and a woman’.

We’re all here today because we believe that the truth about marriage is that it can only truly exist between a man and a woman.

These days that can seem to many people as a narrow-minded even bigoted point of view. It is becoming increasingly risky to voice this view in public or to let on to those around us that we hold it, especially in the workplace, but also among friends, at our children’s school, or even in church. Society is becoming less and less tolerant of dissent from the liberal-progressive orthodoxy that a marriage can take place between any two people who love each other, regardless of sex. Yet here we are, taking time out of busy lives to show that we do not agree, and that we still believe in marriage as it was traditionally understood.

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