Why won’t Archbishop Welby support a faithful Episcopal Bishop?

Oct 12, 2020 by

by David Virtue, Virtueonline:

The question that must be asked is this.

Why isn’t the Archbishop of Canterbury, a Holy Trinity Brompton evangelical, not coming out in full support of an evangelical catholic episcopal bishop in the person of William H. Love?

Bishop Love has just been found guilty for disobeying Resolution B012 mandating homosexual marriage. He has resolutely said he would not obey that dictate because it contradicts Scripture and the Book of Common Prayer, and for his “sin” now faces deposition, and possible expulsion from the Episcopal Church.

Welby has no problem declaring his admiration for a heretic like Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who believes that General Convention resolutions override the authority of scripture on human sexual behavior; inviting him to preach at a royal wedding and listening to his endless talk of “love” and “beloved community,” which will soon be less one beloved bishop. So, Welby completely ignores a bishop who shares the same apostolic faith that he says he possesses?

But does he, that is the question?

Welby has shown himself to be deeply conflicted over homosexuality, even though the scriptures are abundantly clear on the subject. He agonizes over calling a sodomite spade a sodomite spade lest he appear uninclusive and homophobic. He is desperately trying to square the circle over a behavior that has never been theologically or morally endorsed in 2,000 years!

For his obfuscation and prevarication, Welby has alienated more than 80 percent of the Anglican Communion’s clergy and laity. He has refused to uphold and enforce Resolution 1:10 and keeps insisting through his theological spokespersons that we can all get along if we would just give and compromise a little. His best-known agent provocateur is the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, Thabo Makgabo. Makgabo has whined and cajoled Global South primates to attend Lambeth in 2022, while uninviting ACNA archbishop Foley Beach to Lambeth 2022. How successful he is, we still do not know. By all accounts, all the GAFCON bishops will not appear and most of the Global South primates won’t be at Lambeth 2022.

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