With a conversion therapy ban on the table, the threat of jail for Christians is real

Oct 4, 2021 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today:

At a time in the not so distant past (about 10 years ago), the phrase “gay evangelical demands that prayer for conversion be criminalised” would make as much sense as “square circle makes triangle”. But in today’s world it seems about par for the course!

I’m not sure that in many years of reading ‘reports’ I have ever read one as chilling, or with such dangerous implications, as the just released Cooper Report from the Ozanne Foundation. That may sound hyperbolic but bear with me as we see what the report actually says.

Although I was aware of the stance Jayne Ozanne was taking and the dangers of a ban on ‘conversion therapy’ being used as a ban on conversion, I was still shocked to read the proposals in the Cooper Report.

Perhaps I should not have been so naïve. After all, the report’s authors include Peter Tatchell, Crispin Blunt MP, Angela Eagle MP, Mermaids founder Susie Green, Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley as well as Ozanne and others from the academic, political, business and legal establishments.

Most people in the UK won’t care about this, and I suspect many Christians will think that it is relatively unimportant, affecting only a minority of a minority. But that would be to misread what is going on.

What does the report argue? It is basically a demand that the government criminalise any form of what they deem to be ‘conversion’ practice, except those conversion practices which enable people to gender transition or ‘discover’ their sexuality.

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