With Tory-hating biased bishops like this, the church hasn’t got a prayer

Jun 7, 2021 by

by Dominic Lawson, Mailonline:

What happened to ‘love thy neighbour’? Or, even more difficult, ‘love thine enemy’?

These questions might be addressed to the Bishop of St David’s, Dr Joanna Penberthy.

It turns out she has been in the habit of using Twitter to say very unforgiving things about millions of her fellow-citizens: those who have ever voted Conservative.

The Anglican blogger known as ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ last week unearthed a number of these eruptions from Dr Penberthy, out of 221,400 she has sent since 2016 (suggesting that the Bishop should perhaps have spent more time tending to her flock, and less on Twitter).

[… ] In fact, it is the Anglican Communion, of which the Church in Wales is a member, which should be ashamed of Dr Penberthy: not for holding the views she has, but the hatred she has expressed for those who don’t share them. After initially brushing this off with the observation that her tweets were from her personal account rather than her official one as bishop, she has now been forced to disgorge an apology for ‘tweets I have posted which have caused upset and offence’.

The interesting thing is why the bishop ever imagined such expressions were acceptable for someone in her position. I suspect it was because she didn’t realise how abnormal they are, outside the circles in which she moves.

For the Anglican Church, at least in the UK, has become a sort of handmaiden to socialism, even as its own congregations have moved in the opposite direction.

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