Wolves in shepherd’s clothing

Jun 11, 2018 by

by Everett Piper, Washington Times:

A bit of news you may have missed over the past couple weeks was that of about 2,000 high-profile Christian pastors and church elders who, on May 24, marched on the White House.

This event was done under the auspices of the “Reclaiming Jesus” movement. It was led by the likes of Bishop Michael Curry (of Royal Wedding fame), Jim Wallis of Sojourners Magazine and “Red Letter Christianity” proponent Tony Campolo.

There is so much wrong with “Reclaiming Jesus” that it would take pages to provide any meaningful critique. But, let’s at least acknowledge the tip of the iceberg.

The duplicity of this movement’s leaders is shameless. They celebrate exclusion in the name of inclusion. They model intolerance in the name of tolerance. They condemn the sexually immoral while defending sexual immorality. The social gospel is cheered while biblical orthodoxy stands silent. Government rather than God is their instrument of justice.

Pretending to be “feminists” they offend the female by denying the fact of the feminine. They actually claim that women are not a biological reality while pretending to be pro-women. These people scold the right for not defending the dignity of all human beings, but then they choose to say nearly nothing about the indignity of killing millions of human beings at the hand of their “choice.”

Leaders of the “Reclaiming Jesus” movement claim to be apolitical while showing themselves to be overtly partisan. “When politics undermines our theology,” they say, “we must examine [those] politics” and then they proceed to undergird their entire agenda with their politics. In the end, they are blatantly divisive while calling for unity.

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