Woman doctor who appeared in ‘no’ ad for gay marriage vote subjected to a campaign to have her stripped of her medical licence

Sep 3, 2017 by

by Nic White, Daily Mail Australia:

Gay marriage supporters want a doctor who appeared in an ad for the no campaign stripped of her medical licence.

A petition calling on the Australian Medical Association to ‘review the registration’ of Pansy Lai gathered more than 6,000 signatures in just two days.

The Chinese-born paediatrician was one of three mothers who spoke against legalising same-sex marriage in the upcoming postal vote.

The Sydney doctor claimed in the Coalition for Marriage ad that classes about gay relationships were compulsory in countries where same-sex marriage was legal.

She was speaking of the controversial Safe Schools program, of which she is a vocal opponent since speaking out last year.

The petition, on a site run by left-wing activist group GetUp!, claimed Dr Lai ‘willfully spread misinformation and non-scientific evidence in order to promote the discrimination of LGBTIQ people in Australia’.

The outright attack on Dr Lai’s livelihood raised concerns among other no vote supporters that other doctors could be targeted if they voiced their beliefs.

The petition alleged she broke her Hippocratic Oath and Declaration of Geneva by speaking out against gay marriage and campaigning for the no vote.

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