Woman who lived as a man explains how the internet drives teens to embrace trans ideology

Mar 29, 2022 by

by Matt Lamb, LifeSite:

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles highlighted on his show on Friday the story of a woman named Helena Kerschner who has “detransitioned” after taking hormones and living as if she was a man for several years.

She told Knowles that self-esteem issues as a teenage girl drove her online, where she began to learn about transgenderism. Kerschner took hormones at 18 years old, but now at 22 has stopped doing so and is no longer pretending to be a man. She said pressure from groups online led her to mistakenly believe she needed to transition

“Around the time I was 15 years old, I was going through a period in my life where I just didn’t have a lot of friends, I was having body insecurities that were just really kind of tormenting me, and this led me to go online a lot,” Kerschner said.

This eventually led her to the blog site Tumblr, where she said “gender ideology” is rampant.

“The gender ideology is very prominent there,” she said. She said there are a lot of “social incentives” to change your pronouns and embrace gender ideology to stay in those online communities.

She said those types of “internet communities” can “feel so accepting” and take an unhealthy role in a young girl’s life. “They’re what makes you feel accepted and they’re where you want to fit in, so you’re willing to do almost anything to kind of conform to that social group,” Kerschner said.

Online communities like this will encourage teens to explore transgenderism and will tell them that normal teenage self-esteem issues are actually signs of gender dysphoria. “There are people in these communities who will say, if you don’t like your body, that’s a sign of gender dysphoria, if you don’t fit in with other girls, that’s a sign of gender dysphoria, if you don’t like the way your voice sounds in a recording, that’s a sign of gender dysphoria.”

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