Woman with Down’s syndrome leads challenge to ‘discriminatory’ law on abortion

Jul 5, 2021 by

by Sian Griffiths, The Times:

‘I will not tolerate it,’ says Heidi Carter, 24, whose team is demanding an end to terminations up to delivery.

Heidi Crowter will celebrate her first wedding anniversary today. She can tell you the birthdate of any celebrity and has called her Facebook page Living the Dream. Her mother, Liz Crowter, describes her as “an absolute joy”.

But when Crowter gave birth to Heidi, the third of her four children, she was initially upset to learn that her baby had Down’s syndrome. “We really struggled to accept the diagnosis and to love Heidi as we did the others,” said Crowter, 55. “We were told when she was being treated in hospital in the early weeks that she would not survive. It was at those times we realised we did love her and wanted her to come home with us. Now we can’t imagine life without her.

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