World Health Organization increasingly prioritizing, pushing abortion

May 27, 2018 by

by Jonathan Abbamonte, LifeSite:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has long promoted abortion under the premise of health. The WHO has long claimed that legalized abortion is crucial to reducing the prevalence of “unsafe abortion.”

For years, the WHO has published clinical handbooks and guidelines instructing health care workers how to perform abortions up to 12 weeks and beyond. For over a decade and half, the WHO has issued policy guidances providing policy makers with recommendations for how to incorporate abortion into health policies and regulations.

But in recent years, abortion advocacy from the WHO has gradually increased as the organization has become more vocal in promoting access to so-called “safe abortion.” And the WHO’s 71stWorld Health Assembly meeting next week in Geneva will broach topics that could signal that the U.N. specialized agency may even take a significantly stronger position in favor of abortion in the near future.

Among the provisional agenda items to be discussed at this year’s World Health Assembly include the WHO’s activities over the past year in the area of sexual and reproductive health, including “safe abortion.” The World Health Assembly (WHA) is an annual meeting which sets policy and directives for the WHO and approves the organization’s annual program budget.

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