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C of E Guidance as at 9 September 2020

Switch to online church hasn’t persuaded people to abandon in-person servicesfrom Christian Today

The disembodied brain of Christ [on the dangers of ‘online church’ without physical meeting and community accountability] By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

Govt pushed on extending number of people at weddings but not budging, by Cara Bentley, Premier

Church pastors facing destitution as tithes dry up in Covid crisisfrom Christian Today

Churches urged to spread hope during pandemic, from Church of England Newspaper

A fair and just balance? from AAC

Court sides with John MacArthur over church servicesby Jennifer Lee, Christian Today. A California judge agrees that the ban on worship gatherings is unreasonable and unconstitutional.

Balancing the risks: lockdown and the Church by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern

House of Bishops asked to withdraw ban on individual cups at Communion, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. A group of senior barristers have written a formal legal Opinion concluding that the Church of England’s decision to restrict communion to bread only is based on a wrong reading of the law.

Eat, drink, and say a prayerfrom The Conservative Woman. The warm welcome he received there led him to float the idea that church communities who are banned from taking Holy Communion in their churches could gather in pubs and celebrate the Lord’s Supper together at their tables.

Drive-in worship and pew booking: how churches are adapting as lockdown eases from the Church of England website

COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic – updated 9 July

Communion Ban Breaches Human Rights by Jules Gomes, Church Militant

First Sunday back – what we did, by Stephen Kneale, Building Jerusalem

Government, health & safety, the court of public opinion…what about the Bible?by Dave Brennan, Christian Concern:

Even if we are to agree that lockdown is doing more help than harm purely in health terms…Are we going to give up meeting every time ‘pandemic’ is declared? Is this how we propose to spend these last days?

…I am not saying this because I believe… we ought to disregard lockdown entirely. I don’t believe that. But I am concerned that it is what the culture around us thinks that seems to keep us awake at night far more than what the Scriptures command.

Shut Churches Sue State Using Magna Carta by Jules Gomes, Church Militant

The re-opened Church must reform or die by Graham Wood, The Conservative Woman

Magna Carta and church freedom in a world of lockdown, Christian Concern

Christian leaders invoke Magna Carta and sue the government over church lockdown from Christian Concern

Communion: Where should we look? by Marc Lloyd, Church Society

We will fail if the Church returns to business as usual by George Pitcher, Daily Express

Updated guidance for reopening church buildings for public worship

Government sets out guidance for resumption of church services, Christian Today

Congregational singing discouraged but all aspects of church life permitted inside place of worship by Marcus Jones, Premier

God be with you til we meet again (and help us know what to do when we can!) by Stephen Kneale, Building Jerusalem

Church leaders pursue judicial review on church independence, from Christian Concern. The church should resist the normalising of state control over meetings and worship that has been evident during the lockdown, and the recent lifting of restrictions have only come about because of church pressure on government, argues Andrea Williams and others.

What does the government guidance for worshipping safely say? By Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern

Coronavirus: Is The Government Guidance For Places Of Worship A Fundamental Breach Of Our Religious Liberty? John Stevens argues (against Christian Concern) that the state in the UK has always had sovereignty over the church, that Christians should be grateful for the freedom they have, and there is no threat to the church’s activities in this country.

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