‘X-OUT-LOUD: Emerging X LGBT Voices’: Great resource available now!

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Buy a copy for yourself and your pastor/youthworker/LGBT friend or family member. £16.50 (and free shipping until 30th Sept)

“X-Out-Loud: Emerging Ex-LGBT Voices” features 44 unique stories from 22 countries of men and women leaving LGBT identities. This collection of testimonies proves that change becomes possible when we encounter the risen Saviour.

Our book presents a joyful and hopeful narrative that as men and women identify with their biological sex and are set free from hurtful experiences, they too can build strong godly families and raise their own children if they so desire. Jesus is still smashing impossibilities as He pours out His Spirit upon all.

In the face of an unceasing wave of multinational legislation against the global Ex-LGBT community, here’s the reality that hundreds and thousands of people refuse to be forced into gay or trans culture. This is a wake-up call for the nations to incline their ears to listen to the powerful stories of our Forerunners.


See also:

‘My church didn’t know what to do with me’ – Libby’s transgender story, by Libby Littlewood, Premier Christianity: During her teenage years Libby Littlewood pleaded with God to make her ‘feel like a girl’. With her prayers seemingly unanswered, she transitioned to live as a man aged 17, before being convicted by God to de-transition in her early twenties. Here’s her story in full.

NEW ZEALAND: Confessing Anglican Bishop Condemns Prohibition of Conversion Practices, by Bishop Jay Behan, VirtueOnline



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