You have been warned: The Thought Police are coming

Feb 10, 2019 by

by Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday:

Next week I shan’t be speaking to students at the University of Portsmouth, because their union has banned me from doing so.

These weasels pretended they were ‘postponing’ the meeting, an oily, misleading formula that fooled a surprising number of people.

But the truth is that they stopped the event because they don’t like my opinions. That proves they cannot be trusted with freedom of speech. They came up with one pretext for policing thought and imposing censorship this time. They are equally capable of coming up with another, whenever required.

In any case, why would I ever go back to such a place? They are absolutely not ashamed of what they did.

As is usual, my attackers went to great lengths to be offended, digging deep into dusty archives to find things I have said that they could disapprove of.

It is not a great blow to me, personally. I don’t ask for or get a fee. I have been spared two long, uncomfortable train journeys and a night in a budget hotel, when I could instead have been at home.

I do these things mainly because I’m asked and because I love debate, and because I suspect that many students have far too few chances to hear views that are different from the standard-issue conformist Leftism that is their normal diet. What upsets me about this ban is that it is a general menace to freedom of speech, thought and assembly.

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