Your guide through the media’s moral maze

Apr 23, 2019 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman:

THE media has a narrative, one it shares with much of our political class and cultural elite. We all know what it is. It goes something like this:

[…]  This is the filter through which most of our elites see the world and present it to us.

What ties it all together is a post-Christian, secularist vision of the world centred on the individual and the self and the identities it creates for itself. Truth is relative to the individual and anyone who tries to say otherwise, who asserts some absolute moral standard, must be silenced and their views suppressed.

Some of it is fatalist. Some is statist. Some hedonistic. Some mere convenience. But all of it runs counter to the Christian vision of human beings as bearing the image of their Creator and subject to His laws for their good.

It comes with a narrative of progress – out of darkness into light – with conservatives inevitably cast as the villains. Stories which fit the narrative are highlighted and promoted while those which contradict it are overlooked and killed off.

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