You’re not half the man your grandfather was

Nov 30, 2022 by

by Frederick Edward:

As medical terms go, hypogonadism is one of the more titter-inducing. Yet, what it entails – the diminished ability to produce sex hormones – is a bit more concerning.

Testosterone levels across the world are in decline. Reported intermittently over the last couple of decades there appears no halting the trend, with the amount of the male sex hormone falling 1% per year for decades. Compared to his grandfather or father, 21st century man is weaker, flabbier and has less grip strength: all predictors of future mortality.

Indeed, as the eight billionth person on Earth was born, scientists are wondering why sperm counts are decreasing year on year: between 1973-2018 sperm counts in men across the world halved. The rate of decline after 2000 has almost doubled.


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