BBC issues Dame Jenni Murray with warning over her transgender comments

Mar 7, 2017 by

by Harry Yorke, Telegraph:

The BBC has issued presenter Dame Jenni Murray with an impartiality warning over her transgender comments as a TV presenter called for her to be sacked.

Dame Jenni, the veteran host of Woman’s Hour, has been told that she must remain impartial on “controversial topics” after she claimed that a sex change can’t make a man a “real woman”.

The claims, which have been fiercely criticised by equality campaigners, have resulted in Dame Jenni being reminded that she must remain neutral on the subject.

It comes as the subject of Dame Jenni’s comments, transgender presenter India Willoughby, labelled her a “dinosaur” that had misused her position for “spouting bile”.

The backlash follows claims made by the veteran broadcaster that men who become women through gender reassignment surgery still grew up with masculine privileges, and therefore cannot have the experiences shared by “real women”.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Dame Jenni criticised Willoughby for claiming she was a “woman” because she had failed to acknowledge that she had spent most of her life “enjoying the privileged position in our society generally accorded to a man”.

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The PC backlash against Jenni Murray can’t change the facts: trans women are not real women by Angela Epstein, Telegraph (£)


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