What does it mean for a charity to call itself ‘Christian’?

Jun 1, 2017 by

by Abigail Frymann Rouch, Christian Today. […] Any religious aid agency operates in tension between the ideals of their supporters, the complex realities of suffering, and a secular market-place that may be wary of Christian beliefs and practices, especially regarding sexual ethics. This is...

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Number of charities linked to terrorism soars to record high after trebling in three years, warns watchdog

Jan 2, 2017 by

by Paddy Dinham, Mailonline: The head of the Charity Commission has warned that extremism is ‘the most potentially dangerous and deadly’ problem faced by organisations after allegations soared to a record high. William Shawcross’ comments come after it emerged allegations of...

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Doing Good: A future for Christianity

Dec 26, 2016 by

from Theos: Today we’re publishing our ten year anniversary report. It’s a few months late – it should have appeared in early November – but what’s a month here or there when you’re talking about a decade? Those blessed souls who have been following us since the dark days of 2006, when the New...

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Volunteers gave almost half a million hours to church night shelters last year

Dec 21, 2016 by

from Premier: A total of 490,063 hours were provided by volunteers at church and community night shelters last year, a report has found. The data gathered by the national Christian homeless charity, Housing Justice showed that this was an increase of more than 112 per cent on the previous year....

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Charity chiefs bankrolled by British Aid

Dec 20, 2016 by

by Ian Birrell, Mailonline: Bosses of charities handed millions in British foreign aid to fight poverty in poor nations are creaming off huge six-figure salaries and hefty bonuses, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. An investigation by this newspaper has discovered that charity chiefs are taking home...

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Archbishops Of Canterbury And Westminster Praise Massive Social Good Done By Christians

Dec 16, 2016 by

by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today: There might be fewer of them in Britain – but the Christians that do still exist are doing more good in society. A new report shows that while overall numbers of Christians have declined, they have become more socially active. Doing Good: A Future for...

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