Resignation of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo from Barnabas Fund

Nov 23, 2015 by

It is with great sorrow that the board of trustees of Barnabas Aid International announce the resignation of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo as a trustee of Barnabas Aid International and from his positions as International Director and CEO of Barnabas Aid as of 22nd November 2015. Dr Sookhdeo founded Barnabas Aid and has led it with zeal, vision and integrity for 22 years. We are immensely grieved that current circumstances oblige him to step down. Rev. Paul Mursalin will become Acting International Director and Hendrik Storm will become CEO. Patrick Sookhdeo said: “It has been a privilege to serve the persecuted Church for many years. I have always been motivated by the needs of Christians facing suffering. I hope for many years to come I can continue serving those whom the world often doesn’t notice. My inspiration has always been Barnabas, the encourager, who stood up for the suffering saints...

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Are religious children less altruistic? Bad science and anti-faith propaganda in The Guardian

Nov 10, 2015 by

By Heather Tomlinson: I am on a bit of a writing break at the moment – but felt I should very quickly respond to this report of a recently published scientific article. The Guardian’s headline is “Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds” and it’s been published elsewhere, including the Daily Mail, Time and other esteemed outlets. This is rubbish, and worthy of The Guardian’s excellent former ‘Bad Science’ columnist Ben Goldacre. Why? Social science experiments such as this have limited application to the wider population, for a number of reasons. Psychological experiments often test issues in artificial ways that can’t be extrapolated to real life. This particular study seems to have a serious design flaw: the use of the ‘dictator game’ as a measure of altruism, when it has been critiqued to be more a measure of susceptibility to peer pressure. See this post from...

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Give to refugee causes – but here’s how to avoid being conned

Sep 7, 2015 by

by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today: The images of suffering refugees and migrants have prompted millions of people to donate to appeals and charities tohelp. Now a government agency has issued advice warning people to take care that the people asking for money are legitimate. The Charity Commission warns in a note published online that any suspicions about collectors or online appeals should be reported to the Action Fraud police who investigate fraud and cyber crime. Don’t be pressurised to give to a collection immediately, the commission said. “If in any doubt, donate directly to the charity.” The commission advised: “The news is currently dominated by the plight of thousands of men, women and children attempting to travel across Europe, and finding themselves in desperate need.” Many registered charities with experience in the field are offering humanitarian aid and support. These can be found atthe commission website. Read here See also our...

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Helping the needy at Christmas – does charity begin at home?

Dec 9, 2014 by

by Andrew Symes. Christmas is a time of giving, when we remember the most vulnerable, those really suffering, those going through terrible trauma around the world. Children are especially at risk. Our hearts go out to young people in West Africa – the horror and incomprehension of watching parents and carers dying from Ebola is unimaginable, but also the lives of a whole generation have now been massively disrupted by the school closures and restrictions of normal community activities. Or Syria – once again news reports warn of a serious crisis this Christmas, as refugee camps are overflowing and there are serious shortages of resources such as food, clothing and blankets. These crises always create debate about the best ways to help. But meanwhile Christians in relatively affluent and conflict-free countries are responding in their millions with generous giving and prayer. Churches in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are...

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BBC Children in Need funds homosexual propaganda aimed at youth

Nov 15, 2014 by

by John Smeaton, SPUC: BBC Children in Need is a charity of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to raise money for the support of children, including disabled children. Its main fundraising vehicle is an annual telethon, which this year (2014) is being held this evening (14 November). The BBC Children in Need website reveals that in the last three years it made grants to sexual health centres and homosexual youth projects. In SPUC’s experience, such centres and projects often support and/or facilitate legal abortion, abortifacient birth control and/or damaging forms of sex education. For example, BBC Children in Need has given funds to the Terrence Higgins Trust, which has endorsed a right to choose abortion, promoted morning-after pills, produced pro-euthanasia advance directives (‘living wills’) and produced highly-explicit sex education material. [John Smeaton, 12 November 2011] Also, BBC Children In Need has previously given grants to charities funding abortion and family planning services...

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Christian charities need Christian truth

Sep 17, 2014 by

By Rebecca Oas, PhD, Turtle Bay & Beyond: The UK-based organization Christian Aid released a briefing paper dated September 2014 detailing its position on the post-2015 development agenda currently under discussion at the UN. Under their “Gender Justice” recommendations, Christian Aid calls for: “Mainstreaming of gender into other areas including health, education, natural-resource management, energy access, peacebuilding, accountable governance and access to justice. This should include specific targets on maternal mortality and on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).” The term “sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)” is highly controversial language that has never been formally defined and is being promoted as a way to promote abortion and homosexuality.  No country that does not support abortion and homosexuality in the UN context supports the term SRHR. This isn’t the first time Christian Aid has promoted it, either.  Last year, another report they published on the post-2015 development agenda included this: “The...

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