Sex and morality in Church and society

Mar 20, 2017 by

by Ian Paul, Psephizo: Following the debate in General Synod on the House of Bishop’s report on the Shared Conversations, various bishops have been making statements to their dioceses outlining their reflections on the debate and where we have got to as a Church. Perhaps the most striking was that...

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The uprising against moral extortion

Feb 21, 2017 by

by Melanie Phillips: As we never stop being told by furious commentators, Britain and America are descending into a neo-Nazi, xenophobic, fascist hell on earth. Britain’s Brexit vote was anti-immigrant. President Trump is a fascist. Steve Bannon, his senior adviser and formerly of Breitbart news...

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Why We Should Legislate Some Moral Issues But Not Others

Jan 31, 2017 by

Kevin DeYoung, Collin Hansen, and Trevin Wax discus, The Gospel Coalition: Abortion. Gay marriage. Marijuana. State-sponsored birth control. When Christians oppose these things, we are often accused of trying to force our morals on others. But doesn’t every law in some way legislate morality? If...

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Let’s not pretend George Michael was a saint, his morality was as mixed up as the rest of us

Dec 30, 2016 by

by Peter Ould, Premier: The news this morning of the death of Debbie Reynolds barely 48 hours after that of her daughter Carrie Fisher, most famous for playing Princess (General) Leia in the Star Wars franchise, is one more piece of sadness at what is meant to be a festive time of year. Reynolds...

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Are We Entering a Post-Liberal Era?

Dec 17, 2016 by

by Michael Brown, The Stream: In his December 9th article “Has the Trumpian Revolution Begun?,” long-time conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan dared to say that, with the Trump presidency, “we may be entering a post-liberal era.” Could it be true? According to Buchanan, “Liberalism appears to...

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Child-abuse hysteria’s latest victim: football

Dec 3, 2016 by

by Tim Black, Spiked: This is football’s Jimmy Savile moment. That’s what some are blithely calling the exposure of the already exposed and convicted paedophile Barry Bennell, a football scout and coach who, from the late 1970s until the early 1990s, used his role in youth development at several...

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