Bobbies in burkas is the mad child of Macpherson’s racist verdict on the police

Sep 17, 2016 by

by Kathy Gyngell, The Conservative Woman: What a mess the police are in. Forget PC Plod. Today, ‘Politically Correct Constable’ is more like it. Last week, the diversity-genuflecting Chief Constable of West Midlands Police said the force would consider allowing a Muslim recruit to wear a burka if she so requested. We could just laugh this off. Bobbies in burkas could be the latest Police Academy sequel – a burka’d up lady cop entraps suspect in her voluminous folds, or...

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Understanding Generation Snowflake: “I Find That Offensive!”

Sep 2, 2016 by

by Carl Trueman, Public Discourse: Claire Fox’s book, “I Find That Offensive!” is a well-written, important, even brilliant contribution towards understanding the significance of current campus conflicts for society as a whole. Sadly, the picture she paints is bleaker than Fox herself realizes. When faced with the mewling and puking of campus Social Justice Warriors about hate speech, tone, safe spaces, micro-aggressions, and trigger warnings, the temptation for those who value free speech,...

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Repressive Tolerance

Aug 30, 2016 by

by P Andrew Sandlin: In understanding the intellectual development of the great social vision of our time, Cultural or Libertarian Marxism, it’s imperative to know about Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse was a German Marxist and part of the so-called Frankfurt School, committed to Critical Theory.[1] Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, Max Horkheimer and Marcuse were Marxists who wanted to adapt Marxism to Western societies, and transplanted their modified Marxism to the campuses of the U.S. after fleeing...

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Aug 27, 2016 by

by R R Reno, First Things: I can’t imagine a policy more irrelevant to the problems facing our society than bathroom privileges for transgender students. The bottom half of American society is collapsing. Voters are revolting against establishment candidates, casting doubt on the economic and cultural consensus that has predominated over the last generation. And the Obama administration presses for transgender rights? This is amazing, but not surprising given the history of post-sixties...

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Report: British Authorities Still Ignoring Massive Pakistani-Led Child Sex Ring

Aug 13, 2016 by

by M G Oprea, The Federalist: A new investigation by the Daily Express has found that the massive Rotherham child sex exploitation ring whose discovery rocked England two years ago is not only still in operation, but is as strong as ever. Reports from social workers, police, residents, and abuse victims all said the same thing: It’s still happening on an “industrial scale.” In 2014, an independent inquiry led by Alexis Jay, a former senior social worker, found that men of Pakistani origin had...

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Election fraud allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of ‘political correctness’, report warns

Aug 12, 2016 by

By Peter Dominiczak, Telegraph: Election fraud has been allowed to take place in Muslim communities because of “political correctness”, a major report finds as it calls for unprecedented reforms to the British voting system. In a report commissioned by the Government, Sir Eric Pickles, the former Conservative Cabinet minister, today warns that the authorities are in a “state of denial” and are “turning a blind eye” to election fraud. He said that there is evidence of voter fraud “especially in...

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