Calling colours by their real names

Sep 29, 2015 by

By Jeremiah Beanfarmer: As little Johnny stood in the crowd, holding tight to his mother’s hand, waiting for the Emperor to arrive, he reflected on how confusing things were nowadays. When he had started in reception at Primary School, he had gone over the names of the colours with the other children. The houses that they painted were simple: a square box with windows and a door, green grass, blue sky, yellow sun. But then things changed in his second year. The teachers started talking about people who saw things differently. For them, grass is blue and the sky is green and the sun is black. Even though Johnny and his classmates had never met anyone who believed this, they were told solemnly never to make fun of such people. In fact even though some children got bullied mercilessly for having ginger hair, unfashionable trainers or being slightly overweight,...

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Popping the bubble of objectivity

Sep 27, 2015 by

by Michael Cook, Bio Edge: Several leading liberal/progressive social psychologists have launched an initiative called Heterodox Academy to foster more political diversity in social science. A paper outlining their arguments has just been published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences (link to PDF). The spokesman for Heterodox Academy is Jonathan Haidt, of the Stern School of Business, New York University, an often-quoted psychologist of morality. Over the past 20 years, a number of social psycholoigsts have pointed out that “everyone in the field is on the left, politically”. This is not healthy, as it turns the discipline into an echo chamber, undermining its credibility and validity. There is a surprising level on consensus on the existence of this bias, as the commentaries on their paper attest. Even Harvard’s Steven Pinker says “Political bias has indeed been a distorter of psychology”.  Heterodox Academy wants to identify “how this situation...

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Conservatism can no longer cohabit with nihilistic neoliberalism

Sep 24, 2015 by

By Gerald Warner, Breitbart: […]  That is the plain truth of the matter: we have reached a point where everything that conservatives value is threatened less by Corbynista neo-Marxism than by rampant neo-liberalism. Is anyone certain, any more, what “neo-liberalism” means? In the 1980s it was shorthand for a worldview that looked to the freeing up of enterprise and the rolling back of the state to make people prosperous. Conservatives could go along with that: the enlargement of the role of the state had been the consequence of post-War Marxist hard totalitarianism in Eastern Europe and social democratic soft totalitarianism in the West. Liberation from those straitjackets was a universal conservative aspiration, so it was natural for conservatism to find economic neo-liberalism congenial and adopt it as an instrument of wealth creation. The fact that this alliance was first implemented, with spectacular success, in Chile under Augusto Pinochet testifies...

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Political correctness is killing freedom of speech

Aug 27, 2015 by

By Brendan O’Neill: There are two reasons you should be freaked out by political correctness. The first is that it prevents people from saying what they want to say, from expressing what they believe to be true. And it is fundamentally illiberal to stop people from expressing their beliefs and their ideas. And the second is that it prevents the rest of us from hearing those ideas and deciding for ourselves if they are good or bad. It infantilises all of us through denying us the right to weigh things up, to argue over them, to be the arbiters of what is right and what is wrong. Instead it gives that role to a dictatorship of do-gooders, who decide on our behalf what words and thoughts are fit for public consumption. On the first point, the stifling of non-mainstream thought. One of the great fallacies of PC is that...

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Mohammed, not Oliver, is UK’s most popular baby name for boys

Aug 18, 2015 by

By Archbishop Cranmer: According to the Office for National Statistics, 6,649 baby boys were named Oliver last year, making it the most popular baby name for boys born in the UK. This was closely followed by Jack, and then Harry, followed by Jacob, Charlie, Thomas and George; and then come Oscar, James and William. A veritable feast of Norman French, if not Germanic, obscure Gaelic, biblical Hebrew and Greek with a smattering of medieval English diminutives. But it’s misleading. The ONS background notes (p7) inform us: The published rankings have been produced using the exact spelling of first names given on the birth certificate. Grouping names with similar pronunciation would change the rankings. Although some groupings are straightforward, others are more a matter of opinion, and thus raw data are given so users can group if they wish. Which the BBC helpfully extrapolates (right at the bottom of the...

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At this rate Nicky Morgan will have to be arrested as an extremist

Jul 4, 2015 by

By Rob Slane, The Conservative Woman: What exactly do they do to them at Conservative Party HQ? I’m referring to the long list of folks in that Party who once had what appeared to be ostensibly conservative leanings but who have, one by one, capitulated to the agenda of the Cultural Marxists. Clearly the party was infiltrated by out-and-out progressives decades ago, but what exactly did they do to the likes of William Hague and Eric Pickles? Were any teeth pulled or rats involved? I think we have a right to know. One of the strangest cases of Total Capitulation to the Leftist Agenda is that of the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan. There she was in 2013, voting against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, and doing so because she apparently believed that marriage should “only be between a man and a woman”. And yet someone also called Nicky...

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