At this rate Nicky Morgan will have to be arrested as an extremist

Jul 4, 2015 by

By Rob Slane, The Conservative Woman: What exactly do they do to them at Conservative Party HQ? I’m referring to the long list of folks in that Party who once had what appeared to be ostensibly conservative leanings but who have, one by one, capitulated to the agenda of the Cultural Marxists. Clearly the party was infiltrated by out-and-out progressives decades ago, but what exactly did they do to the likes of William Hague and Eric Pickles? Were any teeth pulled or rats involved? I think we...

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Child-Rape Crimes Covered Up

Jun 3, 2015 by

By Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute: There are some decisions so stupid that a person who lacked restraint might howl. One such case arose last week in Britain. For years, the issue of the “grooming” of young girls by Muslim men, mainly of Pakistani origin, has been a subterranean issue in Britain. Reports of such trends have circulated for most of the last fifteen years. They have been treated not just with fear but with dread. Eleven years ago, in 2004, Channel 4 television...

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Madness and hypocrisy – some highlights from the NUS conference

Apr 27, 2015 by

By Liam Deacon, Breitbart: Student politicos have been on good form this year. Wisdom gifted to us in their declarations include the revelation that clapping is traumatizing; that men wearing dresses is transphobic; complimenting a woman’s handwriting is sexist; and that male gay culture is racist because it appropriates female black culture. Last week the NUS met for its annual conference in Liverpool. You must be itching to find out what they came up with this time, so here are some...

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Another day in the death of childhood. Toddlers compelled to sign a PC tract

Apr 26, 2015 by

By Chris McGovern, The Conservative Woman: On Saturday morning I received a call from LBC Radio. I was asked to comment on a story that had appeared in The Daily Mail. I was not sure if I was dreaming or if, Groundhog Day style, April Fools Day had come around again. In order to secure a place at Turnham Primary School nursery in south London, 3-year-olds will be required, to sign an “agreement” promising to “ refrain from using … transphobic language”. Each child will be required to print...

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Tower Hamlets election fraud mayor Lutfur Rahman removed from office

Apr 24, 2015 by

BBC News: An east London mayor has been removed from office and a poll declared void after he was found guilty of electoral fraud. An Election Commissioner concluded Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman breached election rules and must vacate his post immediately. Four voters alleged he used “corrupt and illegal practices” in last year’s election, which must now be re-run. Mr Rahman, who denied any wrong-doing, has been banned from standing again. At the special High Court...

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Racially segregated event to celebrate ‘diversity’ at University of London College

Apr 23, 2015 by

By Liam Deacon, Breitbart: The University of London, Goldsmiths is holding a racially and gender segregated event today, all in the sacred name of diversity. It’s not the first time such a self contradiction in right-on undergraduate thinking has taken hold at this public research institution. “This meeting is for all self-defining BLACK and ETHNIC MINORITY women and non-binary people with gender identities that include ‘woman,’” reads the event header on Facebook. Organizer and Welfare and...

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