What is good news to the poor?

Dec 6, 2016 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. According to Bishop Philip North, writing in last week’s Church Times, the poor might hear the Church’s good news (not defined) when their voice is heard by the Church and amplified in the nation. Sadly, though, the Church hasn’t been listening, and so was surprised, even appalled and embarrassed when the poor finally spoke up and expressed their frustrations and aspirations by voting for Brexit. Working class identity and focus revolves around family,...

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Bishop: ‘middle class’ church too obsessed with sexuality to notice anger in poor areas

Dec 3, 2016 by

by John Bingham, Telegraph: The Church of England is so middle class dominated it can barely see beyond its arguments over issues such as sexuality even to notice the concerns of the poor it should be serving, a prominent bishop has claimed. The Rt Rev Philip North, the Bishop of Burnley, said the Church had largely been taken by surprise by the result of the Brexit referendum in June because it had become out of touch with life in deprived areas. Instead of listening to the concerns which...

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Refugees are not Migrants

Aug 30, 2015 by

By Robin Shawyer, Windle International.  [EDITOR’S NOTE: Robin Shawyer, director of the Windle Trust ( http://www.windle.org.uk/ ) which has worked in refugee resettlement for many years, writes here in his personal capacity and from his wide experience that our responsibility to accept refugees is completely different from our obligation towards voluntary migrants and they should not be lumped together as the government is doing in spite of the challenges in distinguishing one from the...

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Sex trafficking among the dreaming spires – Oxford’s not so hidden problem

Mar 20, 2013 by

From Voice for Justice UK Fighting Sexual Exploitation – On Saturday, April 13 Voice for Justice UK will hold a groundbreaking conference at St Aldate’s church, Oxford, on the problems of tackling sex trafficking. Speakers include MPs Jim Dobbin and Michael Connarty, both involved in the global campaign to combat child sex trafficking, Ben Cooley, CEO of the anti-slavery charity Hope for Justice, a representative of the Metropolitan police, social analysts, and specialists working...

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The scandal of special needs education

May 18, 2012 by

From Conservative Home As a father to a severely autistic son, Christopher Stevens knows what a learning disability actually involves. He is, therefore, well placed to comment on the shocking statistic that 21 per cent of British children have been labelled with ‘Special Educational Needs’. Writing in the Daily Mail he reveals the reality behind the figures: “In truth, too many are wrongly diagnosed while those most deserving of help often find it hard to get proper support....

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Out of sight…

Jun 18, 2010 by

LSN: More on a personal note: you got involved in this awhile ago, but how did you get involved in pro-life work, and what keeps you going? Rose: I come from a pro-life family – I’m one of eight kids – and I first saw an image of an abortion when I was nine years-old in an old book in my home. Being nine years old and looking at this ten-week old child, I remember thinking, “how could anyone do this to a baby?” ….. LSN: As a side-note, you brought up seeing...

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